Our Miracles

Maximized Living believes that everybody who walks into our clinic deserves the full power of The 5 Essentials™. We have seen the results every day for people just like you who are committed to transforming their health. We will work with you to build your own story of Maximized Living success.

7 Weeks: Lost 16 Pounds, Off 2 Meds, Feeling GREAT!

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Acid Reflux Eliminated, And So Much More!

By: David S.

My decision to give the Maximized Living lifestyle a try was due to the digestive issues that resulted in acid reflux and belching.  At this point in the program (7 weeks in), the acid reflux is gone without taking any medication and the belching problem has been eliminated.

Some additional benefits I experienced from the Maximized Living lifestyle are as follows:

  • Reduction of high blood pressure medication from 40mg to 5mg
  • Improvement in my back strength that allowed me to shovel snow without suffering for several days afterwards
  • Reduction in severity of headaches and dizziness
  • Greatly improved bowel movements
  • 28lbs in weight loss

Croup: Chiropractic Care Can Help

By: Jessica C.

My story is about my 6 month old daughter. She came down with croup late at night and had to go to the ER due to very difficult breathing. They gave her an updraft treatment that took some of the difficulty away but the next day it came back. I knew she needed to see Dr. Kevin so when she woke up I called and got her right in.

The results after her adjustment – only one- were amazing! I have been to chiropractors my whole life and have never seen such fast or effective results! After her adjustment she slept very hard for a few hours but through that time her breathing improved steadily. I kept waiting for it to get worse again but it just kept improving. The fever subsided by early evening and her appetite improved as well because she could breathe! She slept through the night that night and by morning her breathing was almost 100%.

Totally amazed and so thankful for having her adjusted. If we ever experience croup or anything like this again I will ONLY call Dr. Kevin! Even in the middle of the night!  🙂

Pain Care vs. Wellness Care

By: Jenny K.

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Results Beyond Expectations

By: Heather T.

A few short weeks ago I came to Dr. Kevin with severe headaches, back pain, and not even knowing the plethora of other issues I was having.  After just the first adjustment I felt a noticeable change in my “fog brain”, which was something I was not even aware of.

Today, the headaches are gone, back pain gone, I sleep through the night ( which I haven’t done in years), I haven’t had heartburn, heart palpitations have vanished, and my digestive process (the whole thing!) actually functions normal.  I was sure my “old” feeling came with age and would be something I was just going to have to deal with.  I never imagined I could be such a wreck, and come to feel so good, awake, and full of life and energy!  THANK YOU Hallie Chiropractic for “renewing” my nervous system and giving me my life back.  I FEEL AMAZING!

RECENT UPDATE: After 15 years of being dependent upon some type of depression medication and trying to stop several times without success, I’m happy to report that I have officially dropped my Fluoxetine into the Freedom Bin!!!  I couldn’t have done it without the support, mentally and physically, from Hallie Chiropractic!  I’M FREE!!!

Beating migraines and medication

By: Sheila O.

For years, I had suffered from migraines. This led to seizures and to TiA’s. No doctor could give me the reason why or help me. All I got was more medicine (I was up to 14 pills every day).

After one month I am now down to three in the morning and two at night. I haven’t had any seizures and have only had a few migraines. Compared to before, I am able to get out of bed for a reason. I have my life back!!

Finally taking charge

By: Steve H.

I feel like I’ve finally gotten a road map to a better life. I’ve been losing weight and feeling better, more alive. I’ve also found myself feeling less stressed out with the daily grind. I’ve been able to take charge of situations which would normally send me into a panic.

Nutrition plans that changed my family’s lives

By: Lisa A.

I don’t even know if I can completely express just how much this program has changed my life!

I have a completely different view of food now. I don’t think of it simply as something to eat because I am hungry. I have a new mindset about how food fuels my body and how to combine different foods in a way that will fuel my body to keep up with the demands of my life.

As you know, our whole family is on board and the kids are loving it! They are sleeping better and are less cranky without the processed foods and so much sugar. We have broken a cycle for them. It has become who we are now.

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